Jeanne Barnett Jeanne Barnett
Fancy Gap, VA


  • Kevin and April Johnson

    Having been born into a family of entrepreneurs and being raised around this business model of direct selling from a very early age, my entire life has been shaped by this industry. I have personally experienced the growth and development along with the lifestyle that this business offers. I am passionate about seeing others who want to live their dreams. My life and all my experiences have culminated right here, for such a time as this! Adaptogenix has, what I believe to be all the pieces in place to be a multi-billion dollar company! With a visionary owner like Andrew Rinehart, products formulated by a Harvard MD and the leadership that is being assembled we will be the most talked about company in the industry over the next decade and create thousands of new millionaires! "It's great to tell stories of what others have done but it's better to be the story that others tell about!" Start writing yours today!

  • Leisha Murphy

    "As a successful entrepreneur, I recognize the power of being in the right place at the right time. Adaptogenix has the power to be the next big thing. If you have ever wanted to be involved at the beginning of something that has the potential to create Millionaires, this could very well be it."

  • Jeremy Hamilton and Leann Cox

    "Coming from corporate backgrounds, and working seemingly endless hours, we realized the need to take control of our financial future. It is not often that an opportunity like Adaptogenix comes around, and the timing could not be more perfect! This has given us the freedom to work for ourselves, earn a significant income and spend more time with the people most important to us."

  • Rick Moore

    My background has been as an operator and investor in restaurants and real estate. We have also been business brokers and consultants. While we have had some great successes, there are significant risks as well as income peaks and valleys. We have been involved in Network marketing for 20 years as well and we see something special here at Adaptogenix. There is a unique combination of branding, timing, leadership and credibility here at Adaptogenix. We see all the factors for success at all levels and long term stability here. We have found a home for decades to come at Adaptogenix.

  • Patrick Finn and Renee Bonds Finn

    Renee and I as real estate investors and owners of a successful real estate company handling foreclosures for banks and as a Pilot, myself, for United Airlines we are aware of two very important concepts. The first is that timing is everything and the second is to never rely on one source of income. Trends and timing are where millions are made. The timing of this company could not be better. Network Marketing companies always do well in down markets and this company in particular is well situated to capitalize on this cycle. It has no debt, strong leadership and is being run and grown like a conventional corporation. The leadership and particularly Andrew Rinehart has a strong business background. We are business owners and we are proud to be a part of this company. As an opportunity this company is hard to beat. The products are trend setting, the pay plan is simple and in that unique to the industry. It is truly the most positive part of our day and we have enjoyed working with everyone involved right up the CEO. We look forward to working with Andrew for many years to come.

  • Todd and Kathy Humpherys

    Having been successful in traditional business and being a multi 7 figure earner in the network marketing industry over the past 9 years, we recognize the power of aligning ourselves with Andrew Rinehart and the amazing Adaptogenix team.

    We have joined this crusade! Changing the health of those that join us dramatically with a mission to put adaptogens in to the bodies of 10 million people and help create 3000 new millionaires is that crusade! With the systems and mission in place, we are set to be the next BILLION dollar company and most importantly, help millions of people change thier lives!

    Our passion is people, when you spend more time learning about people, their dreams, goals and desires than you do anything else, you will be wildly successful in this industry!

    With our success comes a HUGE obligation to help others, with Adaptogenix we will!