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The Adaptogens story

In the years after World War II, Soviet scientists set out to unlock the secrets of health and longevity enjoyed by the people of Siberia. They had long known that these indigenous people routinely lived well beyond 100 years of age, maintaining healthy minds and bodies throughout their lives; in fact both Plato and Hippocrates documented this during ancient times.

Modern research suggested that the key might be found in their diet of native plants. So, beginning immediately after WWII and for a period of over 45 years, some 1200 research scientists conducted over 3,000 human clinical studies and experiments involving more than 500,000 people in the Soviet Union.

This research resulted in the discovery of "Adaptogens", a term coined by Dr. N. Lazarev to describe a new class of botanical compounds that could actually help people fight off the effects of stress and strengthen their own innate healing powers. Together Dr. Lazarev and Professor Israel Brekhman, a noted Russian researcher, they proved that these Adaptogens dramatically improved the functioning of the entire body including the brain and other organs, glands, digestive system, immune system, skeletal and muscular structures, tendons, elimination system and reproductive system. The Soviet and Russian scientists discovered that people who ingested properly grown, harvested, and formulated Adaptogens experienced significant improvement of health as their bodies strove to achieve optimal balance between all their body systems for best functioning and longevity.

Dr. Lazarev defined an "adaptogen" as a plant or herb that increases the body's natural resistance to stresses such as trauma, anxiety, and fatigue. A few years later, Professor Brekhman further clarified the term as a substance that has a "normalizing" effect on the entire body, rather than any one specific organ, and he created the following guidelines for an herb to be considered adaptogenic:

  1. The substance must be entirely non-toxic
  2. It must have a "non-specific" activity, increasing the resistance of the entire body rather than any specific organ
  3. It must work to help the entire system gain balance, also called homeostasis

During this extensive research period, Dr. Brekhman focused mainly on the plants of Siberia, becoming one of the world's foremost authorities on these amazing compounds and their ability to combat stress. There he discovered that, due to the incredibly harsh climate, the plants themselves had adapted and evolved, ultimately producing powerful compounds that have now been proven to be very beneficial to humans.

The result of these studies was the creation of a powerful adaptogen regimen that was then declared to be a military top secret by the Soviet Government. Adaptogens were provided to their elite military units, top Kremlin officials, cosmonauts, and the Soviet Olympic athletes. In fact, the incredible Soviet domination in world athletics, especially the Olympics, at the time is attributable to the consumption of Adaptogens.

With the collapse of the USSR, one of the key scientists involved in the Russian research became very good friends with the now Chief Science Officer of Adaptogenix. This Russian scientist shared detailed data and eventually prior to his passing, gave some of his original documentation to the Adaptogenix Chief Science Officer. This puts Adaptogenix in a unique and unprecedented position to bring the power of the adaptogen story to the world market.

This science, adaptogen research and information are the basis for Adaptogenix and its present and future new category products.

The Business Model

Adaptogenix has created the most lucrative and distributor friendly compensation model in the industry. Because of the uniqueness of the products, a word of mouth distribution method was selected. This revolutionary plan allows for retail profits, leveraged fast start bonuses, royalty income, matching bonuses and a revenue sharing pool, based on worldwide company sales for Leaders.

The Adaptogenix International business plan calls for operations in dozens of countries around the world creating a truly global business opportunity.

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