Jeanne Barnett Jeanne Barnett
Fancy Gap, VA
Rick Hagar


Rick Hagar has been involved in Network Marketing for over 15 years, and has built organizations in the hundreds of thousands with sales in the mega-millions. Rick has also been a consultant to several marketing companies, has written compensation plans, created marketing tools, and participated in strategic planning. Having written numerous articles that have been featured in many industry publications, Rick has also been a special guest on a variety of radio and television broadcasts

Rick was mentored personally by three of Network Marketing's most legendary leaders - individuals whose combined income in network marketing is well over $200 million. Prior to network marketing, Rick worked in the business development industry, and the Real Estate industry. Rick has produced seminars featuring Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy and many other well-known peak performance and marketing gurus. Rick is now a fully committed, Master distributor with Adaptogenix.

Larry Lantieri


Larry Lantieri has been full-time in the Direct Sales/Network Marketing industry for 18 years. He was the National Sales Trainer and Director of Distributor Field Development for an $800 Million Dollar Network Marketing company for 3 years.

Larry was a full-time distributor for 20 years before accepting a corporate position as a National Sales Trainer. He has personally sponsored over 1,300 distributors and collectively his organizations have exceeded over 100,000 distributors in multiple countries. Larry was a record holder in one company sponsoring 49 people in one month, and he made the top position in three separate companies. He was also the #1 recruiter in two companies. Larry and his wife Keri have been featured on the cover of several industry publications and numerous articles have been written about their success.