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What Are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are nature's super herbs. Of the 300,000 known plant species, only a dozen have been scientifically certified as primary adaptogens.

It took hundreds of the world's top scientists thirty years - and two and a half billion dollars of research - to identify this handful of plants, and demonstrate their unique energizing, restorative, anti-aging and brain-improving powers.

No vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, fruit, berry, or pharmaceutical drug delivers the powerful health benefits found in adaptogens.

In contrast to single chemical substances like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and pharmaceutical drugs, each herbal adaptogen contains two or three hundred plant "chemicals" (phytonutrients) which include vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and cell-energizing substances that feed and improve all organ systems.

So why are these herbs just now coming to light? Because for fifty years these studies were all done in secret as part of the Soviet determination to show superiority over the West. Adaptogens given to their astronauts allowed the Soviets to beat the U.S. into space, Soviet athletes to dominate Olympic sports and even victory in the game of chess! And because Western medicine is dominated by synthetic, patentable, pharmaceuticals - big pharma has had little interest in herbs that cannot be patented to protect profits. While some Soviet secrets began leaking into the West in the 1990s, only now are adaptogens coming to full bloom, both in more recent scientific studies, and in their application for unique products to enhance human health.

Our mission at Adaptogenix is to provide unique and patented designer products based on adaptogen science. Adaptogens will provide the foundation for a line of unique and original products selectively designed to:

  • Protect the body from the stress damage of modern life
  • Re-energize and restore body systems
  • Provide wellness and anti-aging benefits
  • Address the world's major health challenges with all-natural adaptogen-based products.